State Rep. Paul Jacobs Announces $550,000 Grant for Mt. Vernon

POMONA – State Representative Paul Jacobs (R-Pomona) has announced the release of grant funding to assist Southern Illinois municipalities with infrastructure costs and homeowners dealing with record inflation with financial assistance for their housing needs.

“These Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) will improve sewer and water delivery systems, improve housing situations for individuals struggling with the high cost of living, and sends the message that I’m fighting for Southern Illinois’ fair share of infrastructure funds,” Jacobs said.

The Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity announced the release of $23.5 million in CDBG grants on Thursday. 

“I’m working to secure funds for Southern Illinois infrastructure and home improvements,” Jacobs said. “This funding will help ensure our region is competitive while putting people to work in good paying jobs in Southern Illinois during difficult economic times.”

According to the Illinois DCEO, the city of Mt. Vernon will receive $550,000, the largest amount any municipality was eligible for under the program. The villages of Alto Pass, Cobden, and Grand Tower have all received CDBG grant funds in recent years.