Jacobs Says IL Democrats Out of Touch After Latest Attempt to Fix to SAFE-T Act

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Paul Jacobs (R-Pomona) says he is less than impressed with Illinois Democrats’ latest attempt to fix the SAFE-T Act. Jacobs says despite changes coming as a result of Illinois Democrats’ 4th follow up bill, the SAFE-T Act still contains language that will lead to increased crime and a difficult environment for police officers.

“This is the Democrats’ 4th try to get this right, and they’ve really failed yet again,” Jacobs says. “We have seen in other states that ending cash bail puts dangerous criminals right back out on the streets to offend again. This latest ‘fixer-upper’ bill to the SAFE-T Act falls short of what is needed, which is a full repeal of things like ending cash bail, allowing unlimited anonymous complaints against our police officers, and stopping a slew of unfunded mandates from wreaking havoc on the budgets of our smaller counties. I voted NO.”

Jacobs says the rhetoric used by Governor JB Pritzker and other Illinois Democrats that supported the SAFE-T Act has been over the top and out of touch with reality.

“Governor Pritzker and the Illinois Democrats have called us liars and fear mongers for months now because we have, I believe, rightly expressed serious concerns about ending cash bail and protecting our police officers and the citizens of our communities,” Jacobs said. “Even though 62 Illinois States Attorneys have sued the State of Illinois to stop the unconstitutional end of cash bail, Democrats kept the abolition of cash bail in this bill. Why should we have faith in this product after yet another criminal justice reform bill was crafted behind closed doors and dropped on us at the last minute? We don’t. That’s why I voted NO.”

HB 1095 passed the Illinois House by a vote of 71-40 on a motion that concurs with an amendment made to the legislation earlier in the day by the Illinois Senate.