Rep. Jacobs – Democrats’ Massive Pay Raise Out of Touch with Reality

SPRINGFIELD – State Rep. Paul Jacobs (R-Pomona) cast a resounding NO vote against a measure pushed by Illinois House Democrats that would raise lawmaker pay by nearly 17%. Jacobs had this to say about the Lame Duck late-Friday night vote.

“On a partisan roll call, late on a Friday night in the waning hours of the Lame Duck Session, Democrats showed just how out of touch they are with working people and families,” Jacobs said. “How can anyone justify pay raises for politicians at this time of great economic turmoil and inflation? I voted no, and will continue to stand for the working people, families, small business owners, and employers of all sizes. If Governor Pritzker signs this bill, he should be ashamed of himself. We need fiscal restraint in this state and a return to sanity. This out-of-touch massive pay raise for politicians is wrong on every level.”