Jacobs: Gun Control Law’s Fate will be decided in Court

SPRINGFIELD – On Tuesday night, Governor JB Pritzker signed HB 5471, amended legislation that bans the manufacture and sale of dozens of commonly used firearms and enacts provisions that require the registration of serial numbers of firearms included on a list of weapons defined in the legislation as “assault weapons.” 

State Representative Paul Jacobs released the following statement upon Governor Pritzker’s signature. 

“As a strong supporter of the Second Amendment rights guaranteed to the people of the United States, and on behalf of law-abiding Illinoisans, I am appalled by the actions of Illinois Democrats in the General Assembly and Governor Pritzker as they have heaped outrageous gun control regulations on the people I represent.

“I stand with citizens that responsibly use the dozens of commonly used firearms that are now going to be banned from being sold or manufactured in the State of Illinois. I stand with law-abiding Illinoisans that will be turned into criminals when this law takes full effect. I stand with the Illinois State Rifle Association as they have now promised to challenge this law based on its unconstitutional nature. The fate of this law will ultimately be decided in court, and I implore it be found unconstitutional and void.”