Rep. Jacobs Joins Effort to Repeal Firearms Ban

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Paul Jacobs (R-Pomona) has added his name to legislation that would repeal the recently signed and highly controversial firearms ban law. Jacobs voted against the bill in the Lame Duck Session of 2023 and says his sponsorship of HB 1564 reflects a consistent position that favors the Constitutional Rights of law-abiding citizens.

“I’ve been very consistent throughout my time in the legislature. I have a 100% pro-2nd Amendment voting record. The law that was signed in January 2023 by Governor Pritzker is a violation of the 2nd Amendment and restricts the rights of law-abiding citizens that wish to use commonly used firearms to protect themselves, their family, and their property,” Jacobs said.

After new district boundaries took effect on January 11, 2023, Rep. Jacobs became the State Representative for the city of Marion. Jacobs was one of 7 lawmakers from Southern Illinois that participated in a town hall meeting on the subject of gun control in Marion that drew a crowd of more than 900 concerned citizens from across the region.

“What I heard from my constituents and the people of Southern Illinois was that they are demanding action to oppose this unconstitutional overreach by supermajority Democrats and Governor Pritzker,” Jacobs said. “My sponsorship of legislation that would repeal this firearms ban reflects the values of the constituents that I serve. I look forward to a fair and open hearing on this bill. Law-abiding citizens are not the reason our crime problem is out of control and they certainly should be outraged at the legislation signed by Governor Pritzker. The firearms ban should be repealed.”

Jacobs joins Representative Dave Severin, Representative Patrick Windorst, and Representative David Friess of Southern Illinois in sponsoring the repeal measure.