Jacobs: Firearms Ban Halted by Federal Court Injunction

POMONA – State Representative Paul Jacobs issued the following statement on Friday after the US District Court of the Southern District of Illinois issued an injunction temporarily halting the implementation of the firearms and magazine ban signed into law by Governor Pritzker earlier this year.

“Today, law-abiding gun owners achieved a victory in Federal court as Judge Steven McGlynn issued an injunction enjoining the State of Illinois from enforcing the unconstitutional firearms and magazine ban enacted in January. I have been a long-time supporter of 2nd Amendment rights and my legislative record of opposing these unconstitutional infringements reflects that position.

From the beginning of House Democrats’ efforts to pass sweeping legislation seeking to ban a multitude of weapons in common use for personal protection, I argued the legislation was unconstitutional. Today, a Federal judge found that there is a likelihood of facial unconstitutionality and stopped the enforcement of the ban. As this case is likely to see more court action in the future, I will continue to keep my constituents up to date, and I am thankful to the thousands of Illinoisans that have reached out to me to express their opinion on this law.”