Rep. Jacobs Reacts to “ComEd Four” Trial Guilty Verdicts

POMONA – State Representative Paul Jacobs (R-Pomona) reacted to the news of guilty verdicts handed down today by a Federal jury in the case of four former Commonwealth Edison executives accused of wrongdoing in a sweeping federal investigation into the corruption of former House Speaker Mike Madigan. Jacobs issued the following statement.

 “Since taking office, I have been dismayed at the lack of action in Springfield aimed at cleaning up public corruption. We have a reputation as a state that is embarrassing, and it is well earned. Mike Madigan’s corrupt enterprise was aided by those in Springfield that refused to do the necessary work to pass sweeping ethics reforms. The guilty verdicts in the ComEd Four trial are just the beginning. 

“The people of Illinois have suffered under political corruption for almost 40 years. It is time that we get even more answers.”