Jacobs: SB 1909 will harm crisis pregnancy care centers

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Paul Jacobs (R-Pomona) voted against legislation that would allow the Illinois Attorney General’s office to investigate claims of fraud and misinformation at crisis pregnancy centers in Illinois and levy fines up to $50,000 per alleged infraction. Jacobs says SB 1909 unfairly targets limited services and crisis pregnancy centers.

“With very little in the way of answers to our questions about free speech, due process, and with absolutely zero clarity on the kind of practices that could be deemed as crisis pregnancy centers providing misinformation or committing fraud, Democrats plowed forward with their latest pro-abortion bill,” Jacobs said. “After eliminating every shred of abortion regulation on the books in Illinois, Democrats are now going after crisis pregnancy centers that offer services other than abortion to pregnant women.”

Jacobs says FOIA requests of the Attorney General’s Office revealed that in the last 10 years, there have been zero complaints under the deceptive practices act that would suggest crisis pregnancy centers are misinforming women and committing fraud.

“This is a legislative hammer in search of an invisible nail,” Jacobs said. “I’m disturbed at the lack of answers provided by the bill’s sponsor. This is a major change in law that allows the Attorney General to be the sole office that determines whether a crisis pregnancy center has violated the act and to be the sole office to determine whether a crisis pregnancy center would be forced to pay $50,000 fines. That would bankrupt many of these centers and I am disappointed that this effort was successful today.”

Having passed the House 70-with all Republicans voting no, SB 1909 will now head to the governor’s desk.