Jacobs: FY 24 Budget Raises Taxes, Lacked Transparency

POMONA – State Rep. Paul Jacobs (R-Pomona) issued the following statement upon Governor JB Pritzker signing SB 250, legislation representing the state of Illinois FY 24 budget on Wednesday.

“I voted against this budget for several reasons. Democrats say the budget is balanced, but they got there by allowing for increased taxes on gas, groceries, and medicine. Illinoisans will also pay higher fees to access state services because of how this budget is drafted.

“Furthermore, the process that delivered this budget was, unfortunately, more of the same kind of backroom, last-minute, dark-of-night politics that bring our state shame annually. A $ 50-plus billion budget should be vetted in the light of day with plenty of time for the public and legislators to review it. That was not the case in this budget. The Governor’s signature on this budget affirms that he is OK with a process that does not include appropriate public review and input and that he supports reinstating taxes on food, medicine, and gas.

“We can do better, and we must do better if we are to restore the faith of the people of Illinois in their state government.”