Rep. Jacobs Joins WJPF Morning NewsWatch

MARION – State Rep. Paul Jacobs joined the WJPF Morning NewsWatch on Monday morning for a wide ranging discussion. Topics discussed include the controversial SAFE-T Act and the financial pressures being placed on rural counties due to the end of cash bail, the multitude of gun control laws that are hampering our 2nd Amendment Rights, and some unintended consequences of the legalization of recreational cannabis.

Rep. Jacobs also addressed undocumented immigrants’ health care costs and the recent actions taken by Governor Pritzker to curb some of the expansion of the program at least temporarily.

Rep. Jacobs also reiterated his support for Invest in Kids being funded for the 23-24 school year.

Rep. Jacobs also addressed what he was optimistic about that passed in the recent legislative Session, including $15 million included in the FY 24 budget for the Southwest Connector, which is the four lane highway coalition’s effort to build a four lane highway from Murphysboro to St. Louis.

Rep. Jacobs also addressed the most current news regarding Choate Mental Health and Developmental Center in Anna. You can listen in by visiting the link below: