Rep. Jacobs Says End of Cash Bail will Negatively Impact Public Safety

POMONA – State Representative Paul Jacobs (R-Pomona) says he strongly disagrees with the Illinois Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the constitutionality of the end of cash bail, and that the decision will mean reduced public safety for all Illinoisans.

“I am fearful for the safety of the people that I represent and indeed for all of the citizens of Illinois after today’s ruling that upholds the end of cash bail,” Jacobs said. “When the SAFE-T Act was passed, our law enforcement officers became a second-tier priority for Democrats in Illinois. They put the rights of criminals above the rights of our police officers and law-abiding citizens and ending cash bail is just one dangerous component of the law.”

Jacobs said he believes Illinois’ Constitution clearly calls for a system of cash bail that would keep those accused of a crime accountable to return for their pending court dates.

“When we are going to be playing this game of catch-and-release with criminals, people are going to get hurt, police are going to get hurt, and overall public safety will suffer,” Jacobs said. “Requiring cash bail means that the accused offender has possible negative financial impacts if they skip out on their court date. There is nothing about today’s decision that makes life safer for the average person. In fact, we will likely see disastrous consequences when the end of cash bail takes full effect. Other jurisdictions in America have tried this experiment and it has been a huge failure. Illinois has taken several steps backward in the pursuit of a criminal justice system that protects victims and punishes perpetrators with today’s decision.”