IL Supreme Court Upholds Firearms Ban, Rep. Jacobs Blasts Decision

POMONA – State Representative Paul Jacobs (R-Pomona) says he is disgusted by the Illinois Supreme Court’s Friday decision upholding the controversial and unconstitutional firearms and magazine ban.

“People should be outraged that their 2nd Amendment Rights were stomped on by the liberal Supreme Court today,” Jacobs said. “We’re experiencing what is known as legislating from the bench by an activist court. AR-15s, semi-automatic handguns, and magazines used for sport shooting and self-defense are all included in this unworkable and unconstitutional firearms and magazine ban. Today’s decision is ridiculous and flies in the face of guaranteed Constitutional rights.”

Jacobs says law-abiding citizens are now treated as second-class citizens in Illinois while legislative Democrats continue to pass laws that are soft on crime and anti-police.

“The leftist-progressive agenda in Illinois means law-abiding citizens will become criminals for exercising their constitutional rights while criminals are let out of jail with no cash bail,” Jacobs said. “That is indeed a sad commentary on the state of our state right now. We have to fight back against these excesses by enacting policies that protect crime victims, punish criminals, and secure the freedoms we are guaranteed in the US Constitution.”

A federal court case is currently pending before the 7th Circuit US Court of Appeals challenging Illinois’ firearms ban. Jacobs says he remains hopeful for a positive ruling in the federal case. 

“We have to see a different ruling at the federal level to ensure our law-abiding citizens’ rights are protected,” Jacobs said. “I’m hopeful the federal courts will ultimately do the right thing and strike down this unconstitutional law.”