Jacobs: Mapes Guilty, Ethics Reforms Needed Now!

POMONA – Former Mike Madigan Chief of Staff Tim Mapes has been found guilty in federal court for lying to federal investigators and obstructing justice. Mapes was convicted on all three counts he was facing. Mapes faces 20 years in prison for attempted obstruction, and 5 years in prison for lying to investigators.

“Let me join my House Republican colleagues in saying this – How much more evidence do the supermajority Democrats need that Illinois needs ethics reforms? How many more people need to be charged, to be found lying, to be found guilty? The control of state government belongs to the people, not to any one person. That culture of corruption has not changed even in the face of all the evidence that exists that we must go in a different direction. We must pass strong ethics reforms and work to end corruption. We must restore Illinois to a state the citizens can have faith in.”