Rep. Jacobs Issues Statement on Illinois Ending Cash Bail System

POMONA – In response to the end of cash bail in Illinois, State Rep. Paul Jacobs issued the following statement.

“Today marks the first day that Illinois begins its journey as a ‘no cash bail’ state. The implementation of the controversial and dangerous SAFE-T Act is the underlying reason for the changes that are happening in our justice system in regard to pre-trial release and ending cash bail. I did not support the concept of the SAFE-T Act and I did not support any of the do-over trailer bills that were passed through the General Assembly and signed by the governor. As our law enforcement community works to implement these changes, I will be working in close partnership with State’s Attorneys, Sheriffs, police chiefs, and Circuit Clerks to understand how their important work in protecting public safety is being impacted. I stand ready to introduce legislation that will fix what are sure to be serious complications and problems that will emerge in the weeks, months, and years to come under this new system.”